Land Acquisition 

Land acquisition is the process of buying a piece of land. The motivation behind land acquisition can be varied; perhaps as an alternative investment to shares, as the starting point for a self-build project, to develop the land at a later date, and so on.  
As with other forms of acquisition, the 'caveat emptor' rule applies, which makes it incumbent on the buyer to undertake thorough research to identify any potential risks or problems. 
This is where Cotswold Land & Finance come in. 
Through our extensive experience and contacts in the industry, we help our clients to avoid any of the potential pitfalls that investing in land or property can often throw up. 
The cost of a plot of land depends on factors such as the desire of the vendor to sell, location, size, form, accessibility, proximity to local infrastructure and transport links, the general state of the property market, whether it has or is likely to receive planning permission, and so on. 
The term 'existing use value' refers to what land is worth in its current form, whereas 'hope value' refers to what it is worth based on the expectation of getting permission for development. Generally, land that has planning permission for development has a higher value than land that does not. 
Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss a particular land acquisition project. 
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